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Software for Colleges!

eduTrac SIS is the most advanced, open source, all-in-one student information system on the market. It's data at your fingertips.

eduTrac SIS can be viewed on any type of tablet and mobile device:
Open Source

Open Source

There is nothing better than open source software where you can customize to your needs.


Participate in online or on-site training to help you be successful at using eduTrac SIS.


We offer excellent support as well as webinars, online and off-site support options.

Plugin API

Extend the functionality of eduTrac SIS by hooking into it's actions and filters.

Navigating Screens

eduTrac SIS is user friendly and navigating through screens is quite easy.

Users can use the drop down list to navigate between screens, type the screen's acronym into the search box or use keyboard shortcuts.

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The eduTrac SIS Difference!

As easy as it is to add data to a student information system, it should be just as easy to retrieve that data whenever you need it.
With the SQL Interface, you can run advanced ad-hoc reports like a pro!

Safe & Secure

1Safe and secure against database manipulation and SQL injection.

Easy to Use

2Disregard using a query builder and instead run relational queries to retrieve great results.


3Download your reports in several different formats: xsl, csv, pdf.

Get Ready For the Buzz

Keep your ears open because 7 Media will be the talk of the town. Why, because it is going to take the education community by storm!

You almost reach the end of the site, now what?

You almost reach the end of the site, now what?

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