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eduTrac SIS Turns One Year Old

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – September 10, 2014

eduTrac SIS is the most advanced all-in-one open source student information system on the market

In March of last year, 7 Media had an idea for a new open source student information system. It was of utmost importance that the system be open source to make it available for third party plugins as well as make it easier for IT professionals to customize. Therefore, with pencil and paper in hand, there was a brainstorming session on what this system should be able to accomplish as well as how it can be better than what’s already out there.

After several sketches and write-ups, 7 Media had a clear vision and foundation for it’s new student information system. Ellucian’s higher education ERP entitled Colleague was the inspiration for some of eduTrac’s concepts and features. Around this time last year, 1.0.0 was released to the world. Within a few months there were hundreds of downloads of the community edition of eduTrac. After a few several releases, eduTrac SIS, the enterprise edition was born.

At the time, the difference between the community and the enterprise edition was the new financial module. With the financial module, an administrator can create billing tables and enter course fees. Along with fee management, a student account office can generate student bills as well as allow student’s to pay their bills online.

After it’s initial release, eduTrac SIS has grown tremendously and 7 Media wanted to celebrate it’s birthday by creating the best release yet, 4.3. Release 4.3 not only includes the financial module but it includes other features which makes it the most advanced all-in-one open source student information system on the market.

Having a system which houses your student data is of the utmost importance, but eduTrac SIS takes it even further beyond student data. The system includes room booking, classroom scheduling, timesheet management, a Human Resource module, ad-hoc reporting, communication management, myeduTrac self service, and much more. The myeduTrac self service allows prospective students to apply online and allows current students to register for courses, check and print schedules, pay bills online, check grades, and more.

7 Media continues to do research and strives to find innovative ways to make eduTrac SIS a top notch system to meet any academic institution’s needs. To learn more about eduTrac SIS and why you should consider it for housing your institution’s data, visit

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