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Let Your College Soar With Cloud-Based ERP

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – March 12, 2014

A cloud-based ERP may be the money saving solution that colleges need.

Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are popping up all over the place. Both Microsoft and Oracle have taken notice, and they themselves have entered the arena. They and businesses like them are reaping tremendous benefits from moving their data and processes to a cloud-based solution. But then it begs the question: can colleges reap the same benefits?

The daily, monthly, and yearly processes that a college – especially a big college – goes through is somewhat different than what most businesses may experience. Colleges have to process a plethora of paperwork that involves admissions, registrar, bursar, and so forth. Moreover, once the paperwork has been processed, it is then placed in a file cabinet, and after several years or so, it is then placed in archived boxes that are stacked a mile high.

So, can a college benefit from a cloud-based ERP? Most definitely! Not only will college administrators rejoice in the absence of stacked papers, but they will also experience true freedom. They will have the freedom to access college’s data from anywhere and at anytime. Furthermore, productivity is increased by moving to a cloud-based solution. This is due to the fact that a cloud-based solution improves collaboration by automating business processes that spans offices.

Not only will colleges reap the rewards of using a cloud-based ERP from an everyday processing standard, but it also alleviates the headache of server maintenance as well as software installation and upgrades. This in turn reduces the number of IT personnel needed and also frees their time to better serve the college in other ways. If you are still wondering if your college can benefit from a cloud-based solution, then check out the white paper entitled, Top Six Reasons to Move Your College to a Cloud-Based ERP. Ponder upon it and realize that colleges are in need of cutting back in order to save money, become greener, and be more productive than ever.

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